Hindi-Psych Integration

As both a psychology and Hindi student, I understand the different ways that both of them have the comorbidity of them both. The Health unit that we studied under Hindi can be correlated to the general stuff that we learnt in Psychology, as mental health plays a big role in influencing a person’s physical health. For this reason alone, the teachers of Psych and Hindi class decided to get volunteers from grade 12 to conduct a session for the grade 11 students on the impact of mental health on physical health, and I complied.

LO1 : As I have been a dedicated student in both Psychology and Hindi as my HL subjects, I already had sufficient knowledge about the comorbidity of both these subjects. I have also had experience on conducting sessions for lower grades from the numerous sessions I took part in. However, I had never taken part in conducting an online session, hence this was a new experience in some ways for me.

LO2 : I had to prepare things along with my team very differently as this was an online session. We had to consider that we couldn’t do anything physically, hence we had to find activities and challenges that could be conducted on an online platform like google meet. This also gave us a new experience over how to conduct events smoothly on an online platform.

LO3 : As this was a student led session, me and my team had to plan this experience from scratch. From searching for the content to include, to making a central ppt, to consulting the teachers and other team members over the ease of conduction of the event, we had to do everything by ourselves. We faced the most problems with deciding the time for the session, and we had to spilt our group into two to accommodate all the grade 11 students.

LO4 : There were many times that I felt like quitting cause this was too much work, and also because conducting a session online was more difficult than it seemed, but I stuck to it cause it was my responsibility as a team leader and a student to not go back on my commitments.

LO5 : The biggest positive outcome out if this event was the comradeship me and my group members formed during its course. As we planned everything together, we had to work completely together to make sure that things ran smoothly. Working collaboratively also ensured that no single person had too much pressure on their heads, and it also made some good time pass to just chill around with my friends on our group chat while arguing about which activities to conduct.

LO6 : This session was mainly conducted to ensure that the students of grade 11 had sufficient knowledge about the relation between mental and physical health, hence we engaged with the global issue of quality education. We also included tips and tricks for improving and maintaining ones mental and physical health, hence we also engaged with the global issue of Good health and well being.

LO7 : As it was our responsibility as seniors to ensure our juniors got good education for this session, we included only credibly and reliable information on our session. We understood our responsibility as gatekeepers of knowledge for this particular session, and I hope we gave that justice.

Learner Profile : I used my communication skills both in communicating easily with my team, as well as communicating with the grade 11 students comfortably. I was responsible as I understood the gravity of my role and acted accordingly. I reflected on my actions and decisions after the session ended, thinking about what I could’ve done to make the session better or more collaborative.

All in all, this session was a great way to improve my knowledge and collaborative skills, and I learned as much from it as I taught the grade 11 students.

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