Peace Cadre

“Peace is a conscious choice”. Sections of grade 8 were assigned to me. My responsibility was to maintain peace and developmental environment in the these classes and in general, the school. Being an in charge, it was my responsibility to ensure that no child’s learning capabilities are hampered. If there are any unusual/disturbing incidents student in charge of that class comes to us (my partner and I) and tells us the issue and we decide what actions to be taken next.

LO 1: Bulling and other disturbing experiences can affect a person mentally and emotionally and to solve the issue I had to empathize with the victim and to some extent the bullies as well, to feel what they are going through and what made they do what they did. I realized being able to empathize  is one of my strengths. Moreover unexpectedly I was good at counselling as well. I was able to give good and helpful advice to students too.

LO 4: One of the challenges I faced was staying committed and preserve in this activity because in one of my classes the in charge was never present in their class neither did they reply to the mails I sent. It felt like they did not take their responsibility seriously which indirectly affect my work and reputation. And so it became quite difficult to keep track of how the class discipline has been. This sometimes just made me want to give up this activity because I spent my valuable time/missing my free slots, putting efforts just to solve their issues while they were never present. But I reminded myself that this is for a good cause and the betterment of the students’s and their school’s future.

LO 5: Working collaboratively have open-mindedly was very important here as we had to understand all the point of views and then come to a common conclusion. In order to do so we had to listen to each other with a open mind. By working collaboratively we were able to solve issues easily and more efficiently.

LO 6: Peace and justice and strong intuition is the SDG focused in this activity. This is an issue that the world has been dealing with since the born of mankind. This is something that helps shape a person as a whole and the society they live in. Contributing to this global issue makes me feel honored and also helps me develop right morals and values in life which is necessary for personal growth.

In all this activity helped me develop the skill of being open- minded, thinker and a communicator. I saw my own growth in understanding why students did what they did. I also hoped to make the victims realize that they are perfect the way they are. In others words what others say should not matter because if you let that affect you would probably damage yourself from inside; mentally and emotionally. As the quote correctly justifies “sabse bada rog kya kahenge log”

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