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Hey there,

My name is Heerva, and I am 17 years old and I am in my second year of IBDP. I believe I’m talented in photography and writing poems, which has helped me through CAS experience as well. It was through CAS that I have improved in my talents at a visible rate.

I enjoy traveling a lot as I find pleasure in learning about new cultures and meeting strangers and exploring in general. Since young, I have been intrigued by the divers cultures, way of living, approach to life etc, from all around the world and I try to understand them whenever and where ever I go. For the same reason I always carry a diary with me, where I note down things that I find interesting, or a new learning that I gain in my day to day life. Moreover, being a classic teenage I really love watching series. Netflix and chill would be my all time favorite, evergreen way to pass my time. Plus, I enjoy working out as I love being fit. I enjoy playing lawn/table tennis, badminton and jogging with BTS playing in my ears.

My outlook on life,

I believe living a life on a highway (that is smoothly), has no fun in it. However, living it on a Mumbai’s road (that is full of potholes) and than reaching a smooth one has a lot of fun in it, my point being there is some kind of amusement in the difficulties that our life provides us with. A life journey without difficulties is no fun, its useless. Difficulties are what makes us learn, and thus the mantra I always follow and will continue following is, ‘face more difficulties, learn more’.

Having said that IBDP is quite difficult and CAS has given me a chance to have a little fun in IBDP. I’d say I pretty much live a balanced life. Because of the growing responsibilities that come with studying IB, it is really difficult to give importance to the little things that matter. Through the process of CAS I have learned the importance of time management which has helped me spend time, to give importance to the little things that matter, such as staying fit. In the time of this pandemic it became really hard to push yourself out of my comfortable bed to do something that is quite tiring but CAS helped me balance that out.  Mastering this ability has proved to be really helpful and calming with all the burden that I used to face before.  

Moving on, there are many issues surrounding us, lack of water, lack of oxygen, pollution, animals being killed etc, but if I get a chance to eliminate any issue from the world or a society it would be abandoning 3 words; regretting, assuming and judging. I would say this is an issue because they deteriorates our growth as a human. “Assume” can make anyone loose an opportunity which can or might be life changing. While “regret” can make anyone loose a moment which could have been enjoyed (come on, life is too short to waste it by regretting things) and finally judging is usually done do make oneself feel better while that can harm the person being judge, this can be changed just in a moment, by a single positive thought. If theses 3 words are totally isolated from the dictionary of life, the world would become a better place and life would be a cake walk.

Lastly, after watching Zindagi Za Milegi Dobara I have always wanted to try sky diving but my height phobia has always stopped me from opening the doors to sky diving. Hence, I would like to overcome this fear and learn how to sky dive. I just want to fly up high and feel each and every second spent up in thin air. Sky diving currently is a dream but I want it to be my memory and “the goal is to die with memories and not dreams” 🙂

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