Serving Food

“Give to those who have nothing to give to you.” this is something that I have been taught since childhood. Here in the form of serving food I aimed to try to do justice to basic human needs and right as every human-being is entitled to lead healthy and fulfilled lives.

LO 4: Voluntarily I had never done anything like this before in my life. My dad used to do this activity. I did not go with him because I don’t like to get my hand dirty, oily or just food on my hands in general. But after he died I just involuntarily got attracted to it, I thought somehow it would get me closer to him, in some way; emotionally. It was quite easy for my mom to serve people, initiate small talks with them while serving, or talk/play with the kids, but I was too afraid to that. I could not initiate small talks or play with the kids because I was too shy and somehow I think that affected how the people received food from me. I noticed that because my mom was more friendly, open and thus more approachable they asked for more food on their own while because I was shy and kept my focus more on the serving spoon only, rather then maintaining eye contact, it had to be me who asked them if they need more food. They were not comfortable around me and I did not like that. So I started from a small step; smiling. Then I started asking kids what school they went to if they did. Then I also ate with them sometimes, trying to get to know them. That is when I ate with my own hands (for the first time), that made me feel a connection with the people and nature too. Now when ever I go there kids come running to my mom and me because they recognize us, and their big smile when they see us is the best part.

LO 6: The issue I am catering to here is a SDG “Zero Hunger”. Being a part of a society where in people, children below the age of 4 sleep at night without eating anything is something that affects me a lot, because no one deserves that. I sometimes disrespect the food I receive probably because I don’t like that particular dish, on the other hand children on the roads even eat left overs given to them or sometime thrown at them from expensive cars. But now that I have taken a small step of serving food I can at least make sure that children and people in the boundary of my eye sight are eating properly. I even guide/invite people and kids who live on the roads to come to this place and dine with other people. Sometimes children don’t like the dishes on the menu, in that case we take ice creams or small cakes or khaman, vada pav, etc some or the other small dish keeping in mind the children; so that they don’t return to their homes with empty stomach. It’s a very small step that I have taken up and I’m willing to continue in order to contribute to the society.

In winters number of people coming to eat decreased, and it used to get very cold as well so my mom and I decided to distribute blankets and cloths amongst the people in need and so alone with serving food we tried to spread warmth as well.

All in all this was a very unforgettable experience for me; I made new friends no matter their age. It did not just teach me to be grateful of my privileges but to also to except any and every situation that comes in ones way, no matter what, there is always a solution.

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