There was a Woman’s Day marathon that was held on 8th March in which I participated. There was 4 km and 8 km marathon, I participated in the 8 km marathon.

LO1: During practice sessions, I identified my weaknesses and my strengths. My weakness was that I have less stamina when running so to improve my stamina and timing, I used to run every morning before school at 5:30 am to overcome my weakness and I improved a lot compared to my previous records.

LO2: Breaking my own record everyday was challenging as my stamina was low, but I decided to work upon it and improved a little everyday. I have participated in marathons before but only 5 km and near, not till 8 km so it was a challenge for me from the start. I wanted to challenge myself by running more than I am used to and not only did I run more, but also improved my timing.

LO4: Waking up early everyday was a challenge for me as I used to get exhausted throughout the day. I had school right after my practice. I made a commitment to practice everyday and not give up. It was difficult for me to commit to it as it was exhausting but it also felt good to be fit and improving on my stamina.

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