Garba Fest Decoration

I opted to be the OC for Garba fest. Garba fest decorations were done by a group of people including me. Not only did I participate in the decoration committee, but also in the event. The event was a success and the decoration came out to be really great.


Coming to school early everyday was challenging as concentration for the extracurricular activities was not stable. I had to set timings for each activity respectively to be able to concentrate on each and every one of them. It was important for me to undertake some challenge to learn time-management skills.

LO4: We had to come to school early almost everyday for the preparations and decorations. We also had to miss some classes to get the work done on time. Not only in-school, but also outside school meetups were planned in order to finish all the tasks. This required a lot of commitment. It was a lot of work to do but was worth all the time contributed to it.

LO5: We were a team of over 20 people in the decoration committee so it was very helpful as the work was completed sooner. Working as a team was great because there were so many helping hands and everyone was cooperative which made the task more easier. It is important to work collaboratively to make an event go smooth and successful.

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