Global Odyssey Decoration

Global Odyssey is an event that takes place every year in our school by the BM students. The event includes raising money by organizing small stalls of stationary and other trending items, food, games and etc. I was in the decoration committee. We had to decorate the signboard, photo booth and many banners.

LO1: I identified many strengths and weaknesses of mine during the event. I got to know that I’m good at painting and cutting things, but the early-ins also made me realize that waking up early was my weakness that I overcame during this time period as we had early-ins almost everyday.

LO4: There was a lot of commitment required. We has a lot of early-ins during weekdays and had to compromise our free slots for the preparation and decoration of the event. The decoration had to be perfect in order for the event to be a success. It was difficult to commit to the event as all the free time was taken, but it was a fun experience.

LO5: Working with teammates was the best part of all. Everyone helped each other wherever one needed help. We collaborated very well and made the event a success. The decorations were praised a lot and it was fun to do the tasks with the team as everyone were proactive and cooperative.

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