“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”-Nelson Mandela

Farewells are the shining star of one’s school journey. It’s just another way to showcase good wishes to your seniors when it’s their last year. I have always been keen to organise a farewell. The idea of themes, decoration, food and games seemed just so fascinating and exciting. Similarly I have always wanted to overcome my stage fear. The nervousness before addressing a huge crowd was a feeling that I just wanted to get rid of because I knew later in my life it’s just going to cause me negative consequences. And then finally the opportunity of hosting a farewell for my seniors arised. I thought this was the best chance to overcome my fear. It’s now or never.

LO1&2=Stage fear has always been my weakness. Being aware of it always made me feel weak and the fact that I never tried to overcome this fear made me feel more vulnerable. Therefore, I decided to grab this opportunity of hosting the farewell of grade 12. It was really challenging to gather courage to host while looking at more than 50 people. The effort behind creating the script and learning it by heart was so tiring and made me give up. However, with the support of my teachers and co-hosts it was easy to overcome this challenge. 

LO3=Since the very beginning of the planning we had been asked to work together and produce a funny yet elegant script for the farewell. It was difficult to organize things with other academic work and personal life.The planning was more difficult than initiating because once you are ready with a plan things become more easier. Moreover, meeting at a common time with other co-hosts after school hours was also a problem for us, as our schedules did not match. Henceforth, we decided to complete as much work as we can during the school hours and then assign work to each other which can be done from home without any meeting to be scheduled. 

LO4=Despite facing difficulty in organising and balancing myself and my work. I made sure to show commitment and perseverance to the activity of hosting a farewell. Hosting is one of the important parts of a farewell, in fact any public event, as you are the face of everyone who is part of the event. It requires you to be open minded, extroverted and free of mind. Therefore, being a successful host definitely requires commitment at all the stages of it, from planning to implementing it. 

LO5=I had two co-hosts, Anusha and Dheer, whom I have known since many years and we have quite a good bond. Collaborative work was a must in this activity. From our lines to our decisions and actions, all of us had to be aware of everything about each other. Usually working with a team is easy for me however, other variables such as surroundings and the nature of activity also plays a role in it. This activity holded a lot of importance in working together because none of us wanted to make any mistake on such an important day for our seniors hence we dedicated our heart and soul in it. 

Overall, this opportunity of hosting a farewell has not only helped me overcome my fear but create some exciting and lovely new memories. From writing the script to covering up for our mistakes on the final day, we all have dedicated our best efforts to make this a lovely night for everyone. 

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