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Strand- Creativity

Visual art is a subject that I always enjoy doing. I also wish to pursue a career in this field of work. I went to visual art classes for 5 months; two days a week. My drawing skills have significantly improved since I joined the class. We learned basic still life sketches, perspective drawing, and human figures. It is very important to get my basics cleared before I learn new mediums in the arts. I achieved Learning outcomes one, two and four.


The first learning outcome is all about identifying my strengths and weaknesses. Over the course, I realized that my observation skills are quite strong, thus it helped me to make the objects look realistic and in proportion. However, I couldn’t put my imagination on paper. So, when I had to draw a compass box from the perspective of an ant I couldn’t imagine how the objects look from that view. I overcame the weakness by practicing daily. I used to imagine different scenarios and draw accordingly. Over the past 5 months, I could make basic sketches from different eye levels.

LO 2

To achieve the second learning outcome I overcame challenges. Earlier I wasn’t able to manage my time. There were times when I arrived late to the class, thus I missed out on a few of the things that were taught, however, at the end of the class I cleared my doubts regularly. Also, towards the end of the course, I started being punctual for my class. This shows that I started managing my time effectively and my skills have also improved significantly. I feel that I have become more disciplined as I complete most of my work on time, this makes me feel proud of myself as now due to proper time management I have less burden on the last moment. Skills like time management can be useful in our entire lives as it will allow us to put first things first and be particular while doing any kind of job. 


The fourth learning outcome is about evaluating whether or not I was showing commitment and perseverance. I believe that I was more committed towards the end of the course as compared to the starting. As I started realizing that the class is really helpful for me, I started focusing on learning the skills. I had to be committed to completing my homework and reaching the class on time which includes willingly going to the class. It is not easy to be committed but I had set a goal that I had to complete by any means, thus, I was able to be focused and fully attentive. However, initially it was difficult to prepare myself for it because I used to procrastinate, but the more firm I got with my goals the more proactive I became.

This entire experience has taught me a lot of things and I am overwhelmed to have learned new skills which will be very helpful for me my entire life. I have become more balanced after this experience and more knowledgeable in the field of Visual Arts. I have also learnt that time management is very important

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