It was fun hosting an event like FS CUP. It was one of my project where we invited different schools to come and compete with each other in sports like, football, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, taekwondo, and many more. It was a event which was not just only a competition but gave an opportunities to students get new experience in different sports. Our motive was to give students an opportunity to play the sport they like and learn new things, and not only just play to win some medal or trophies. We definitely awarded the winners with medals and trophies, so that everytime they see that medal they can remember about the FS CUP and some old memories and learnings.

We had made a lot of arrangements for this event like, we provided the teams with banana and lemonade so that they don’t get dehydrated playing all day in hot weather. There were shades under which they could rest. Being the main supervisor I had many responsibilities, like finding volunteers and making teams for different responsibilities. I had to make teams and divide them with the responsibilities like writing the certificates, arranging the medals and trophies, arranging coupons for banana and lemonade, and the main team registrations. I was not alone with me I had my friend Arushi who was my partner for this event. We both worked collaboratively.


Talking about my strengths, it was at first difficult to manage all the volunteers and explain them their responsibilities but I played smart and first not acting as a supervisor I behaved as their friend. My strength was that I respected all of those students perspectives and ideas. I was a good thinker and made all the work easy by giving it to the person who was good in it and experienced. The main challenge I faced was that the students I was working with were of grade 7 or 8 and I had to explain them each and everything properly, but they were quite active which was helpful to me. My weakness was that I can’t act as a supervisor like being strict so maybe because of that they took me a little light and was unable to complete work properly. Also, I met them for the first time and first knowing them and them remembering their names was the biggest challenge. Remembering names is my biggest weakness.


I am usually an organized person may it for whatever. I like being organised it helps me complete the task easily and perfectly. For FS CUP we had to plan everything before hand and also discuss on day responsibilities we had. We had to book all the resources which we need, and order the canteen for bananas and lemonade. We even had planned for selling some healthy snacks for the players like there was freshly made breakfast (Poha) and things like nutribar. We had made teams for each responsibility and before the day of event I maked sure that each work is completed by getting updates from the teams and also helping them with the work, because here I was a leader and not a boss.


Working in a team made the work easy. I came to know new people and made friends. I was good to those kids and in return what I got was respect from them, which made me learn that forgetting respect you need to first give respect. For me, it was easy to work with them as we just not worked as partners but as friends too. The main benefit here was that we learn a lot of things from each other, like respecting others then cooperation. Leadership is something which teaches us to not only give orders but work with the team and help them. Leadership was important because it teaches us cooperativeness.

We see that mental health and physical health is very big global issue now a days and promoting sports we helped people know how playing sports can make them mentally and globally fit.

Ethical concerns in this events did had a major role, like some teams were playing rough which did not fall in our ethics. As our school coaches were the referees we had to take care they don’t give bias decisions.


It was great hosting FS CUP, and I always wanted to do it. I will always be a memorable experience. IN future I will continue hosting an event like this. Furthermore, also took part in this event, I participated in football and basketball and in both my team came at the 2nd position.


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