Farewell is an event for the seniors in school to say goodbye to their teachers and other students before they graduate. Grade 11 students organized the event this year, with a theme of “Nostalgia under the stars”. I was a part of the decoration team for the farewell of the batch of 2020. I helped in making and setting up decorations for the hippodrome for the day of the farewell as well as for other things such as invites. It was overall a fun experience, and it helped me communicate with my peers more. The LOs achieved were LO4: Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience, and LO5: Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively.

LO4: We had to use a lot of slots for making decorations and almost a whole day to put them up in the hippodrome. Usually I would not like to do the same activities for long but as there were many different decorations to make I had fun in making them along with my classmates.

LO5: It was fun and easy to work with everyone in the decoration team. Everyone worked together and was given specific tasks which we had to finish. We all shared ideas of how we could make specific things better. Many of the tasks were divided and assigned by the leader so if someone could not complete their task it would make it more difficult for other people as they would have to do even more work. It was important to have a leader of the group in this activity because he/she could collect all our doubts and questions and (s)he could be a mediator between the teachers and us so everyone did not have to individually report to the teacher, (s)he could check the progress and keep updating the teachers.

From this experience, I learned how to work in teams and I also observed how a leader manages a team. I think that would be helpful to me as I might have to work with people in the future and at some point might have to lead a project. The highlight of this experience was when our seniors gave positive feedback about the event and enjoyed the event.

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