Strand- Creativity, and Service

FSMUN is an event where participants get the opportunity to represent particular countries and debate over a topic or an issue. In this particular event, I was a member of the logistics team. I used my creativity skills by helping in decorations for the event and provided service by helping the delegates and the Chairperson during the on-going session on the day of the event


My strength was working collaboratively with my team. We used to distribute work equally among the members of the logistics. I also helped decorate classrooms because I have creative skills. However, I was too lazy. For the first few days, I didn’t attend the early-ins in which we had to make banners and cut placards and flags. However, I realized that even I was a member of the team I should show some dedication towards my work, so I firmly decided that I would attend all the upcoming early-ins.


On the day of the event, my job was to collect chits from delegates and give it to other delegates or the Chairperson. After a point, It became difficult for me to keep track because there were too many people who wanted to pass on chits, therefore, I asked one of the other Organising Committee members to help me out. It made the work quite easier and faster. New challenges help you learn and grow.


We divided our work within the group equally and made sure that each and every member of the group got equal work. However, it was more difficult to initiate our plan than we had expected. We had to decorate a room and for that we needed materials, so there was a lot of chaos because of our last moment plans. Nonetheless, it has helped me become a more organized person and plan accurately.


All the team members used to synergize and distribute the work equally. It is usually not easy for me to work with others because of my lack of communication skills. During the experience, my communication skills improved as we had to interact with others about the different decoration ideas. Through teamwork, we learn how to accept the perspective of others


We as a team made sure that we didn’t waste paper and misuse materials that were provided to us. I even obeyed the instructions which were given to us. We weren’t allowed to enter the class or disturb the delegates during the session. So I made sure I was disciplined and didn’t create any kind of disturbance during on-going sessions

Overall, FSMUN 6.0 has helped me become a communicator, thinker and knowledgeable as I got an idea about what the United Nations consists of.

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