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Peace Cadre is a student body in school which aims towards reducing disciplinary issues. Grade 11 students (we) were assigned particular sections from grades 7 to 10. We had to handle issues of that particular section and make sure that there is a marked improvement in the discipline of that section within a time span. Our role as peacekeepers was to observe the classes at regular intervals and if there was any misbehaviour we had to approach the students and solve the issues. 


While performing my task as a peacekeeper, I realized that I could stay calm and listen to all the complaints and arguments which were going on between students. I was also able to communicate with them and come to a common solution. I was a patient listener and I considered both sides of the story (the victim and the bully). It helped me come to a solution that was fair for both sides. I was very consistent at the beginning, however, towards the end of sixth months I didn’t fulfill my role as a peacekeeper efficiently. I relied more on the complaints given by the class leaders rather than actually going and observing the class by myself. 


One challenge which I faced was making the bully understand the effect their behaviour had on their peers. The person who was misbehaving wasn’t ready to listen to me which made my work difficult in the beginning. To overcome this challenge I had a talk with the discipline counselor of the school to find a solution to this challenge. After that, it became easier for me to make the students who misbehaved understand their impact on the class decorum.


Being persistent was essential in this CAS experience. I had to be committed to solving issues in the classes and making sure that the student who had been misbehaving had changed, and in case of bullying, the victim felt comfortable. I also did a meeting with the discipline coordinator to understand how issues were to be handled. Towards the end of 6 months, however, I started taking my responsibility too lightly. I realized that I had not completed my tasks dutifully. This shows that it is not easy for me to commit to things. I sometimes become negligent. 


The global issue that I focused on was the well being of students. As a peacekeeper, my role was to make sure that there was a positive environment in classes that could aid in keeping good mental health. I also focused on the issue of maintaining peace among students to encourage a positive learning environment.


Ethical considerations are very important when dealing with students. I made sure that I was patient during the entire course of the experience. I did not raise my hand or use any abusive language in the most critical situation ( when the students became aggressive). 

It is very important to be a good communicator in order to be successful in fulfilling my role as a peacekeeper. Being reflective also helps you solve issues. 


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