Art class

The satisfaction received by doing art overpowers every other feeling. 

Going to the art classes thrice a week to build up my portfolio has been quite amusing. Art class is a space where I feel free to create and build art pieces, this whole process taught me a lot of things, especially how to communicate and to improvise something once it is damaged.

L1 Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth,

During the whole process, I’ve learned a lot of new skills and developed the skills that I lacked in especially still life and other mediums like oil colors. Art classes have given me a medium to push through my strengths in drawing and painting. I was able to explore some unique media and demonstrate my strength in a better way.

L4 commitment and perseverance

I’ve been committed to making my portfolio or at least going there and learn something new every day while doing artworks. I have also learned some photography tricks that help me further in my studies in college. I was very passionate in going to art class do to the atmosphere it provided it was fun as well as productive which lead me to keep my commitment of going to the classes every week and producing amazing work out of my time there.

The learner profiles attribute catered is risk-taker as experimenting on mediums and new ideas in art is always a risk I have taken. With that knowledge is also a learner profile that applies as having the right knowledge about art is required to make a piece as well as knowing what to apply where. This experience has been a very fruitful process as in turn this has taught me patience and built up a hard-working nature. 

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