CAS Reflection – FOOTBALL PS

I am interested in sports (especially football) from my childhood and have always participated in the interschool competition and have attended every PS class. There are some learning outcomes that I met were L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5

L01 – I like to play football very much and the position I play is a striker. The most important skill required for a striker is speed. The striker needs to be fast to run towards the opponent and score a goal. I have speed but the place where I struggle is dribbling the ball fast towards the goal. I am working on improving this skill as it is very important for any striker. I am working on this in my PS slot and in Playtime. I dribble the ball between the cones which will help me in mastering that skill.

LO2 – I have gone through many challenges while developing the skill like I get very tired after many rounds of dribbling. It takes a lot of energy which makes me feel very much exhausted. Sometimes the PS classes get canceled due to some SA, etc, which affected my schedule of training.

LO3 – Considering the fact that, that taking PS as a football and convincing my parents for it because of my history with sports is not as good because of the injuries I had while playing football and doing goalkeeping and it also caused a fracture in my left hand, so while convincing them, it also helped me built my communication skills and how to convince them and assuring them that there will be no injuries.

LO4 – I really wanted to improve my dribbling skill, I didn’t bunk any of the PS class. I knew that to improve this skill practice was the main key so keeping that in mind I didn’t miss any of the PS slots and for extra practice, I also played a football match in the Playtime.

LO5 – Teamwork is very important in all team games. So in football also teamwork is necessary. It is very important to communicate with all the team members during the game. In playtime, I improved my skill of communicating with my friends during the match so it becomes easy for me to pass the ball during an official match. A team member should know all the gestures and the purposes which can make the match easier.


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