LO3 – as I had to talk to utsav, who organized the event and simultaneously handle my friends giving them information on where to reach, at what time to reach and also to convince some of friends and their family members to join us. I was also able to convince vansh to bring his brother and volunteer for cleaning the beach This helped me a lot to build my communication skills

L05 – Working in groups makes the work easier, fun, and takes less time. As we were in a group cleaning the dumas beach, it became really easy for us as it took less time in cleaning the huge beach, and working with friends made it more fun. As every member of the group helped each other where an individual cannot do the work. So working collaboratively was very important in cleaning the beach.

L06 – There were all types of wastes on the beach but significantly it was plastic. As we know plastic causes harm to the environment as is non-degradable, it needs to be recycled. But the people on the beach throw all types of garbage here and there and not in the dustbin, which make s it difficult for the people to recycle. So we decided to work on this problem and clean the Dumas beach. We made the task easy for the people who recycle waste by collecting the waste.

LO7 – Keeping all the ethics and social responsibilities in mind, we took permission from the nature club to clean the Dumas beach. We also taught the local vendors and made them aware of the consequences and solutions to the problem that they should tell and encourage their customers to throw the waste in the wet and dry waste dustbin respectively. So it can make a change and help in reducing the waste

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