Colours of hope CAS Project

This is my CAS project with my friends – Mishri Patel, Kunj, Janki, Dhrumil, and Granth – where we make an idea to do an online art competition because of this pandemic situation so no one will get any harm by going outside of the home for the competition And it was a very learning path for all of us because we did it the first time.


While brainstorming ideas for our CAS project we found out that an online art competition is the best competition for this COVID situation. And we put the name COLOURS OF HOPE for this competition. And we plan to get a prize for Top 5 winners because of their efforts. So we divide the work and I was doing accounts work and made some pamphlets to post on Instagram. As we have introduced this event on social media – Instagram. And there were a lot of problems we faced but we also find out the solutions so there was no trouble for participants. So we decided to do all payment methods online from Paytm so it can be done by home. And we decided to put Rs. 100 for the entry fee per participants and we declared top 5 winners with prices allocate like 1st rank will get Rs.500, 2nd will get Rs.300, 3rd will get 250, 4th will get 200 and 5th will get Rs.150. And we have a judge to select the top 3 artwork and the judge was Pankkti Chauhaan, she is an art teacher of fountainhead school. And after completing the competition we gave all the profits to the old age home. And we get a total of 41 participants.

L1.Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

This project have believe me that i am good in managing the accounts work and make templates which i was not aware till now that I can make it that better way. And by my work of managing account work my team was happy because they didn’t face any problem because of me. And I think if I get an opportunities to work on accounting work than i believe it will be promote me to do my work in a easier way.

L2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills

At the starting of this project and at when we were planing about dividing the work so at that time all decided to manage accounting work of our project by vansh. And i haven’t done it before and i was not knowing much about accounting like how to do it but i learnt it from youtube video and i learnt how to mange it and than for first time i have did accounting for a competition. And after it completes i was like i have learnt/developed new skills and i felt very happy to learn and apply.

L3. Initiate and plan a CAS experience

We planned a lot for this project because it was an online platform and because of that we need to prepared all thing from before and also at many place we was done well like because it was a first experience of us and we have tried our best to provide the information and all things better for our participants.

L5. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively

So by my experience I am sure this event needs a team, you can’t do it alone you need to show teamwork here so by our experience the best benefits were dividing work to all teammates so by I had an experience like when I made templates I was asking to all teammates is it perfect or not so I was taking an opinion of all teammates and they give me suggestion and then I pass the work to my other team member so she changes it and put it in Instagram post. In short, we complete our work and pass it to another teammate so he/she does his/her work. And by working in a team gives us many benefits which make our work early and easily.

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