Table Tennis

I have been playing racket sports since I was I child whether its badminton or lawn tennis. Table Tennis is my first indoor racket sport. Learning table tennis in detail is what I have been focusing on, as its been a long time since I have been playing it. I focused on learning advanced types of serves that is cut, chop, attack etc. I also learned new techniques such as forward and backward push, topspin.

LO 1: I learned that when it comes to sports I’m a fast learner. I learned new techniques faster and adapted to them as well which enabled me to learn new and more techniques after every two or three class of practice. My weakness was that if I master one technique I used to focus on that and in doing so my previous learned technique got weaker. But to avoid that I stared practice my previous learned technique in the start of the class, continues with the new technique in the middle of the class and end the class by again practicing previous learned technique so that non of them get weaker by time.

LO 2: Before I stated table tennis I played lawn tennis and sometimes my standing position or my way of holding the racket or even the grips used to get mixed up. I think this was challenging because I had played law tennis for more time than table tennis and my body was used to the grip and form of lawn tennis better than table tennis. Sometimes when my form and grip weren’t of table tennis my shots did not reach where they had to and at that moment I used to realize that I have lost my grip again. So I worked upon remembering the grip and form/posture and as time passed I got used to the grips and forms of table tennis.

LO 4: Initially confusion between the grips and forms lawn tennis and table tennis made this activity difficult for me. And almost for a month I got confused and could not play well, my shots used to lang out of the table, sometimes even touch the AC because I applied the force needed in law tennis. Because of this I used to get demotivated but simultaneously I enjoyed this sport very much; perhaps because I have always loved playing racket sports. And my urge to completely learn this sport with different types of serves etc kept be committed to it and in no time I was able to overcome my problem of getting confused.

In all this activity helped me in developing motor skills. It also enhanced my reflexes. And a sense of achievement was established in long run.

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