Who doesn’t like cycling, it is fun and simultaneously a great way to workout your lower body. I have been playing lawn/table tennis since a few years now they are two of my favorite sport. At the same time I also did drawing and music(key board) which is why my playing these sports reduced, CAS is the best opportunity to start playing these sports again for which cycling will help me gain my lost lower body power and muscles.

LO 1: Through this activity I did learn about one of my strengths, that if I want to achieve something very strongly then I can commit to it very easily. I commit to it and stick with it until I don’t get satisfied and until I have reached my goal. I continued with this activity (even though it was for short term) because I felt my lower body still needed some more training.

LO 2: Staying committed was a little challenging for me as in the starting my legs used to get sore very easily because of which it became even more difficult to cycle the next day but I did push myself because I wanted to see myself in the court playing again. Seeing and imagining myself in the court again kept me going.

LO 3: Time management is a very important skill that will be useful at any and everything point of life. So in my planning book, I write down my To-Dos every morning before leaving for school and keeping ticking them once the task is complete. I go cycling 15 minutes after I come home from school. And after an hour of cycling, I freshen up have my dinner and do school work. The same is repeated the next afternoon. Just on Thursdays, my schedule changes a little as I have my classes so after returning from the classes I have my dinner and do my school work and go cycling 1 hour before my sleeping time; in this manner, my school work is not hampered and neither cycling.

LO 4: I get bored very easily if I started something new. And cycling after along time needed strong commitment. I did get thoughts to procrastinate after 5 to 6 days but its my habit to think about the future and how I want to see myself; in this case I wanted to see myself back in the court fully fit and prepared (so that sir did not have to give me fitness training) and that is what kept me committed to cycling.

LO 7: Whenever I played any sports I either had my coach with me or my mother to supervise me but here I only had me. And thus not cheating, as in skipping was my responsibility. It was my moral responsibility to choose between right and wrong. No one would have known even if I missed my one session but my school has always taught me one thing “leader in me” and that was a test here. I feel like I did pass the test, sometimes when I had classes on Thursdays I could not go cycling but I compensated them on the same day, at night; so I never missed any session, only if I was sick and my mom did not allow then I missed it.

All in all this activity made sure I was honest to myself and I was able to see changes in myself and my lower body as well. Plus I learned how amazing it feels after achieving a goal.

I used Under Armour’s Map My Ride app.
My phone was attached to the cycle and I just took a photo.

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