Football is sport which I actually did not know about. I had played every sport except football when I was in 10th. Slowly I got to know about football, I saw people saying on my school ground. My interest came into football and I thought of playing it, but I did not know how to play it. My sister had just joined her football classes and was also learning it in school, so I thought of asking her. She taught me some of the basic techniques she learnt, and we played for hours practicing in my society. At that time I was playing basketball as my main sport. I have played basketball for 5 years and it was a good experience, but my journey and experience from the scratch for football was very different. I never thought that one day I will learn football as a goal keeper in my school and even be the main goal keeper of our school’s team. I even attended classes for it outside the school. Even if I learned football for 1-2 years I got to know about it a lot. I got to know that it does not only need techniques but even your personal engagement as a player is very important. Your discipline, behaviour, confidence, honesty, everything matters.


When I played basketball I used to play at the defense position, I can do good defense, so thought to play at the goalkeeper position there also you need to defense in one or the other way. So one of my strengths is defense which I used while playing and second is that I have good stamina, as such I did not have run while goal keeping, but the goalkeeper has a great responsibility of guiding the team, I had to shout from the end of the ground guiding my team players at some point and even encouraging them. My another strength was that I was friends with every player in my team and they used to help me with the game a lot as I was new.

I has weaknesses like focus or maybe distraction, I used to lose my focus a lot which hampered my game but then I worked on it.


There were challenges I faced, like taking out time for the training. I had a lot of load of studies but I had to everytime manage something for it. I used to come early to school for football training but i enjoyed a lot. As I was new I had to face people who screamed on me on my mistakes, in the start it was difficult but then I started learning and working on my mistakes. I never took those screams in a wrong way but learnt from it. I got selected for states as I played very well in one of the tournament. I went for the states for the first time, but I did not get chance to play, then I understood no this is not the end I need to work harder and improve. It was challenging for me to understand that why I did not get chance to play.


I learnt a lot from football and even made new friends. I had an amazing coach who did not just teach me to play football but even taught me that other things are also important in life, she never forced to attend extra training and told studies are important. He was very supportive every time.I will continue playing football in future too and learn from it new things.

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