Farewell dance

Strands: creativity and activity

I have done dance for approx 2-3 years, so this was a chance to showcase my talent in farewell, which was organised by our grade. This has improved my creativity in helping my group leader with steps and all. I have covered LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, LO5.


While practicing for farewell dance, I have identified my weakness and strenghts. While doing dance, some steps were hard to execute and I was lagging in flexibility and to avoid that we have come to a solution  and that was to lower the difficulty level of steps. My strength was stamina as we were going to do 3-4 dances in farewell. By knowing my weakness I have worked hard upon it to achieve flexibility.


The challenging part was to wake up early and go to school for practice for 1-2 weeks. Also, all the members were lagging in coordination with each other. So to overcome this, we work hard and make our coordination better. I have selected dance in AS for 2-3 years and also participated in assembly performance in front of students and teachers.


I did organise myself by waking up on time and showing dedication to the work and helping my team members to help them with the steps. I did help my team leader with song selection and the steps. I am always an organised person and always ready to help others.


To learn 3 dances, I need commitment towards dance and I showed it by waking up early for 1-2 weeks daily. I also showed commitment toward learning 3 dances and practicing daily the steps which are harder for me. 


Working collaboratively with others makes things easy. As we teach each other steps and tell the improvement area in the steps. It was easy to communicate with others as all of them love dance and was working hard to learn and improve the dance every day.

I feel more confident and showed my potential in farewell dance and also helped me to become open-minded and overcome my stage fear.

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