Hindi Assembly

Hindi is our national language, but we are sometimes too immersed in English we forgot to pay attention to Hindi. The Hindi integration was the perfect opportunity for me to introduce students to their roots again, and I think I did a good job of the same.

LO1 : I knew I was good at leading people, and drawing out their strengths and managing them. However, this was the first time I organised an event on my own completely, out of the group projects in class.

LO2 & LO3 : I had to completely organise the event from scratch. So first I looked for activities we could do for the Hindi assembly, and had them approved by Kavita ma’am. Then the booking of a venue and the date were overlooked by both me and ma’am. And since it was an event for students, I had to find participants–for the same I made forms and announcements in classes to lure people in to this event. I also looked for hosts to support me by taking care of the things on the stage. The different activities included poetry reading, quizzes, karaoke and Shayari.

LO4 : It was hard to manage things on my own, and many a times I also thought of just getting it done, but I couldn’t do that. If I started an event, it was my responsibility that it got completed in the best way possible. Hence I committed many free slots and time at home to do this event in the best way, and I showed perseverance by not quitting it.

LO5 : I may have managed things on my own, but I still had a partner that took care of making the quizzes and interacting with the audience. Along with my partner, I also had the help of the hosts, who interacted with the audience and kept things smooth. We showed that working collaboratively would result in the event completing smoothly and without any major problems.

LO6 : This particular event correlated with the global significant issue of Quality Education. Students these days pay attention to books and things in their syllabus, and sometimes forget that things in other languages except for english also exist. This event was organised with the purpose of connecting them to their national language, as Hindi is part of our education curriculum, but people still don’t take it seriously.

LO7 : While connecting them with their national language, I also had to make sure that the poems or quotes that the students presented were appropriate and not plagiarised. For instance I had to reject one of the poems from a student as I felt like the content was not appropriate for school. I encouraged the participants to open up about their own works, and not sabotage someone else’s works.

Learner Profile : I had to maintain a good communication with the teachers, the participants and my fellow team. I had to think beyond the box in order to make this event more interactive and interesting. I had to be responsible and take the event upon my shoulders.

In conclusion, Hindi Assembly was an event that pushed me to the extremes and put a lot of responsibility on my shoulder, while also teaching me a few important things about how to manage my life.

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vz9wOYxKolpcXOJXgwGtpoWwBt8OYG8FLgkqVk0DgSo/edit – Form used for participants.

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