Table Tennis

I’m not much of a sports person, but table tennis is the best exception. Although I only started learning table tennis for the first time in FountainHead School, I have come to cherish the sport.

LO1 : My hand eye coordination has been good, and it had improved significantly due to me learning musical instruments. Table tennis only helped to further improve those skills. It has also helped me build a competitive personality, and made me grow as a person.

LO2 : As mentioned by me earlier, I’m not much of a sportsperson. Hence table tennis was a new experience for me. I played badminton before of course, but table tennis, although it shares similar basics with badminton, is very different. Hence learning this new sport was quite an opportunity, and now I can semi-confidently say that in a 5 set match, I can win at least 3.

LO4 : I tend to loose interest in things after I start learning them, but that was not the case with table tennis. Throughout my entire 11 grade, I diligently played table tennis during the PS slots, and developed skills sufficient enough for a beginner.

Learner Profile : The learner profile also helped me a lot while learning this sport. I had to be communicative with the teachers and my fellow friends in order to learn more about the sport and have fun while doing it. I was an enquirer in a way that I wanted to learn more and more about this sport, and a thinker in a way that I quickly grasped onto this sport and developed a feeling of sportsmanship.

In conclusion, Table Tennis helped me make myself better, and also helped me fit in the school and make new friends, while simultaneously improving my physical and mental health.

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