Project: Eating Disorder week awareness session

This was a student led session where we created a presentation for the teachers aiming to spread awareness about Eating Disorder as it is a very serious condition that people can be suffering from unknowingly. We also created fun games that made the session more engaging such as asking them model stereotypical men-women body using clay. We also made batches and bookmarks so that they can take that home with them so keeping recalling that Eating Disorder is a serous condition.

LO 1: I came to know that I am quite good at generating new ideas when it came to making this session more interesting and engaging. I also came to know that when asked to do something I follow and complete the task given to me on time. Being an introvert I thought my participation in speaking would be very low, but I proved myself wrong I voluntarily spoke when I felt lime to and even helped teachers if they did not understand any activity that they were given to do.

LO 2: I had never taken a whole session in my hands. So this was quite new to me. And thus in order to work collaboratively my buddies and I divided tasks according to our strengths. We all did the research on different types of eating disorders. More over I also made some of the bookmarks and batches. In doing so I overcame my fear of multitasking; making the giveaways also with some research and school work different all together. It was difficult but fun and learning as well.

LO 3: Multi tasking was a difficult task and it happened for the first time that I had too much of work to do with little time, but being an organised person I divided my tasks according to time they needed; doing research about eating disorder needed more time than school homework while school homework needed more time than making the giveaways so I made the giveaways first did school homework next and later did the research. I have a planning book of mine in which I write To-Dos for the day and after completing the To-Dos I put a tick on them. Having put that tick on all the To-Dos gives a great deal of satisfaction. 🙂

LO 4: Commitment was very necessary here as loads of work was left even after school hour and staying committed (without procrastination) to the tasks given to me after reaching home was a little difficult for me but wanting to feel the satisfaction of ticking all the tasks on my To-Do list kept me going. But most importantly trust from my peers and teachers motivated me to complete my task on time.

LO 5: This time my peers were my good friends thus I did not fumble if I had anything too say. I did learn that working in teams collaboratively speeded things up, we got solutions to problems in less time. We wasted less time if one idea didn’t work another idea popped up. It was because of them that my confidence boosted as they forced and pushed me to speak in front of the teachers; they did this because they knew I had stage fear.

LO 6: We catered to 2 SDG here; Good health and well being, Quality education. This is a subject that should be taking in schools as a part of their curriculum as this a very sensitive and serious matter. In addition to that it is also very important to maintain good health(this quality highly lacks in people who are suffer form any eating disorder) for the betterment of the future.

LO 7: We didn’t plagiarist works or give wrong information, we cited all the sources we used.

It was through this project that I gained confidence in myself that even I can lead sessions. I learned how important it is keep asking yourself ‘Why?’. This session took place in 2019 and we had decided that we would do this next year as well but due to COVID-19 physical session does not seem possible so as an alternative we made a document with all the necessary information; this taught me, no matter what the situation is there is always a solution possible.

Feedback given by teachers
We made posters for the teachers to take photos with

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