Global odyssey

Strand: Creativity, Service

Global odyssey was an event that linked Business and economics where stalls for Food-Fun-Fashion were set up. It was a very interesting and engaging event when buyers and sellers interacted and dealt with one another. This was my CAS experience where I was leading the decor team with 2 other friends of mine. Our role was very important in this event because if the event is not attractive then how are the customers going to visit it anyway. 

Several learning outcomes were catered from the planning to the completion of the event. 

LO 3:Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

From knowing the number of stalls till the kind of products they were going to sell, every tiniest detail was important to cater to. We had to make sure that the decorations are not just appealing because of its colours but also connected to the stalls and overall market. We planned the entire plan from the beginning, but many times the changes in the stalls, required us to make immediate changes. We couldn’t entirely execute our plan like the decoration for carnival theme for the fun department because of short of required resources. However, we were prepared for the last moment to change that we might have to make so in the end everything worked just fine. 

LO 5:Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

 We as a team faced many moments of disagreement with other classmates or teachers. However, working in a team collaboratively helps each other see through and understand different perspectives. We were all very spontaneous to change because of everyone’s unique and creative abilities, each one of us put in our efforts to demonstrate skills we are good at and as a team get things done quicker and better.  

LO 7:Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

As this event had more to do about external markets and businesses, we had to be ethical while using any posters or related things ethically. Moreover, the decorations were done by reusing materials or using sustainable material. We also came up with such ideas where we didn’t waste any resources. We made the best use of resources we already had from past events at fountainhead school rather than buying in newer materials(even though we did buy certain materials like bellows etc, however we rescued clothes,ribbons,umbrellas, paper etc)

By the end of this event, I developed better leadership skills by learning from my peers. I started taking responsibility if somethings don’t work out as planned. Moreover, it taught me how to be creative along with acting responsibility in case of peers, teachers, finance, and resources because I realized what might be consequences of my actions in the end.

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