Fountainhead School Model United Nations was an event held by the Grade 11 students in late December. The main idea of the event was to discuss global issues and debate over them on behalf of the countries they have been assigned. I was in the graphics team. Our job was to create posters, Id Cards and other things. It was a two-day event in the school.


LO 1: Identify your own strengths and develop areas for growth.


  • The event was just two days long but the preparations started a month back. Sometimes it was really very tiring to keep doing one single thing over and over again. I had the jobs of the placards and the posters so for the placards, there are multiple delegates and creating a placard for everyone without changing the layout is very boring. Experiencing that I discovered a new strength of mine that is determination. I did not procrastinate while these days and did a lot of hard work to meet the deadlines and did meet them.

LO 4: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences.

  • The event management and preparation took a month. The month in which we prepared seemed like the longest month of the year we had a lot to do and everything was very boring. My fellow mates who also were in the graphics team gave up easily and got bored very easily. I, on the contrary, was really very determined and completed all of my work sincerely on time.

LO 2:  Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills

  • Initially, I was a lot pressurised with the workload and all the school apart from the FSMUN. To come over this I had to make agendas and write my own to-do lists so that I could organise myself and make things happen both of FSMUN and the school on time.

LO 3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

  • The graphics team decided to organise the work that had to be done so that we could achieve more in less time. We started out, with promoting the FSMUN 6.0 in our school, we decided to start with posters that were to go on the bulletin. Furthermore, we made the placards next because we had to make a lot of them and lastly, made the Id cards which were to be assigned to the FSMUN volunteers. I personally thought that the plan we had made was under-thought, I felt that if we had made the placards earlier, we wouldn’t have had to take a lot of stress at the end of the deadline. We had to work a lot when we came near to the deadline. 



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