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Global Odyssey is an event in which there are different industries like Food, Fun, Fashion. Here, the sellers aim to sell different products from across the globe. Food varying from Italian to Mexican to Chinese to Continental, etc. Fun and entertainment having different games originating from different places around the world and Fashion showcasing different clothing from around the world. I was the leader of the decor team, we decorated the whole area where the event was going to happen and with the help of the leaders of other teams we managed to make all the required decorations for their stalls and everything was done keeping the theme of the event in mind. We designed and decorated charts, and more pieces of artwork in order to attract people where I improved upon my creative, painting, cutting skills, especially while making the photo booth. It was helpful for me to gauge my understanding of different ideas art from different parts of the world helping me increase my knowledge about different cultures and countries.

Learning Outcomes achieved:

LO 1: As I knew my strength to lead some key areas of the event. Being a group leader, I had a feeling that I will face many difficulties as I was working for the first time with the team assigned. First, we had to come up with the whole idea of the decoration and discuss it with the supervisors. I was not the only leader for my group perhaps I had two other members as well, Sanya Jariwala and Hetvi. I am good at imagination and art which is my strength, therefore, I suggested many ideas for the same. I developed my creative skills and also learnt how can I put forward my imagination into reality.

LO 2: As it was my first time working with the assigned team, I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know many of them so working with them and making them understand what I am trying to say seemed to be quite a difficult task but I didn’t give up there, I am a good leader, therefore, I tried my best to cope up with others facing my difficulties and challenges. I did not rule over anyone instead helped everyone with the assigned task which a leader should do and therefore I was able to complete my task successfully.

LO 3: Being one of the team leaders, The whole idea of the decoration was planned and initianted by me as well. we planned how to divide the work equally between everyone and how to complete everything on time. We also had to keep the budget in mind and prepare stuff respectively therefore we had to work precisely. we even convinced the whole team to come early to the school so that more work can be done in less time.

LO 4: As this was my CAS project, It lasted for a month and most of the days we had to come early to the school in winters which was super tiring and stressful as we had our studies going on side by side and we had to complete this as well but we had a strong enthusiasm in us that we will complete our work on time and the effective outcome will come therefore we were committed to it and did everything we could in order to a successful event.

LO 5:  As we had to work in a team. We made a plan deciding what materlias do we need and who will bring them and they had to be in budget so we decided to reuse some materials used in the previous events. Each team leader had given their valuable ideas, and everyone thought upon it, leading to final idea that we kept. During this, we did have several large arguments but then, at the end we thought about the best for our event and were done with those.

LO: 6 The amount earned by the whole team was donated to the NGOs who help all those people in need.

LO 7: As we were working in a team and I being one of the team leaders who had to work ethically that is I didn’t create any arguments with anyone or didn’t show off my power over anyone, I had worked collaboratively and did not create any nuisance.

To conclude, the event was amazing, we had successfully achieved our goal and the event looked beautiful and attractive. Even though we lagged a lot at the start but we worked with each other, came for early inns, and were able to make the event a blast.

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