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Painting used to be something i really enjoyed as a kid and do enjoy now as well but from a long time i had been busy and didn’t have the time to paint. However this year i decided to do what i love and so i took up painting again. This time, i tried to do something new so i’ve always painted using acrylic paint so to do something new and to learn something new, i tried painting using watercolours. The learning outcomes i achieved during this activity were LO1, LO2, LO3 and LO7.

LO1: I already knew that i could paint, but didn’t have confident in myself to express myself through painting which was my weakness. However, this time i started painting, i was sure to be confident and to be able to express myself. I felt very confident in doing so which i am very proud of now. I think its important for me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses in order to know how I function. Knowing my strengths can help me in becoming more self-confident and recognizing my weaknesses is important as it can help me understand what is holding m back and so can help me work upon them.

LO2: As it was my first time painting properly using watercolours , at first i was unsure how to exactly blend colours to get the shades and the consistency perfect. I kept trying as drafts and then i came up with how to do it perfectly by looking at many videos on youtube. The youtube videos helped me a lot in how to use watercolours in the right manner. I think trying new things especially challenging things can help you push yourself, you may not be perfect at it but as you keep trying and pushing yourself towards it, you may become an expert at it. Through this CAS activity i did learn that i could be more self-confident as well as i can express myself. Its important to learn new skills as it help me learn faster and can teach me something about myself that i may have not known before.

LO3: I am usually not a very well organized person, so it was difficult for me to actually start painting because i was always procrastinating that i’ll try it tomorrow but never did. So i decided that i had to start and so i started watching videos first and then just started painting very simple things. Its important to actually tell yourself to get up and START! I did discover that how i got myself to start was to think about the result that would come after, so in this case, i thought about all the confident i would gain.

LO7: At the very beginning when i started to paint, i never got ideas on what to paint or what to start with, so i used the internet, i looked up pictures of paintings people had painted and tries to copy them. This raised the ethical issue of copyright so i had to acknowledge the fact that the paintings i had painted were produced by me but were originally someone else’s and i also did modify, made changes to not copy them exactly. I didn’t think copying was a huge problem as long as i knew that i have only produced my paintings but they weren’t my original ideas.


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