PS – Table Tennis

I selected table tennis as my PS, and my goal was to learn at least the basics of the sport. The school gives many options for PS sports, however I have always wanted to learn how to play basic table tennis. The LOs I achieved were 1, 2 and 4.

LO1: I realized that I did not do any sport at all and I wanted to learn table tennis because it seemed interesting. I think it is important to look for our strengths and weaknesses so that we can use them effectively or try to overcome them. 

LO2: I did not know anything about table tennis, so I started from the beginning. It was very much fun to learn how to play table tennis and all its rules. At first I got kind of bored because we had to practice alone and try to balance the ball and other practice drills, but I realized that that was beneficial for me as it helped me get some of the basic control over the racket and how to handle it. I think it is important to learn new skills because learning anything helps us grow mentally as well as physically, which is very important to me.

LO4: PS is a year long activity, so every PS slot we had to play. At first I was curious but also uninterested because I do not like to do sports, and in the beginning I started to get bored, because I usually get bored when I have to keep repeating things in any activity. However, after some time I started to enjoy it more and then we also started learning how to play a game and all the rules, so I found it more interesting. I think it is important to show commitment and perseverance as learning new things often requires those, and most of our life decisions, such as jobs, would also require them.

A learner profile I displayed here was Balance, because keeping our physical and mental well being balanced is important, and PS classes helped me achieve that. I learned many things about table tennis, such as backhand, forehand, and I tried to learn how to “cut” but was not able to yet. I also learned the rules of a table tennis game, how to keep score, etc, and I believe that it was a successful experience as it helped me learn new things.

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