Global Odyssey

The whole idea of introducing people to different cultures around the world was intriguing and lead me to do this project. I gained more information about food in different culture and also learnt how to make it. In this project we made food ranging from different fields of cultures and arranged a fair at our school, so as to people become more aware and accept cultural diversity.


The challenging part of this project was to create food of different cultures while also keeping in mind the kind of taste enjoyed by our customers because if it is too different and not appealing our sales would go down. So our research was extremely important. We created of items and then surveyed out potential customers, who in this case were school teacher and students. Based on their reviews we short listed our products and the rest of project went smoothly.


We were working in teams and so we had to divide responsibilities amongst ourselves and trust others that they will also do their work. Since having low amount of experience in working with these people we sometimes became challenging to understand their views with finalising a recipe and distributing the roles on the food stalls but we eventually found a common ground and came to solutions which sounded fair to all of us.

In all this experience helped me learn about foods in different countries and cultures and gain another enriching experience

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