Gender Inequality Session

This activity consist of teaching kids of 9th grade in a village school about gender inequality in today’s society and how to cope with them with a series of activities. These kids belonged to financially unstable backgrounds and so money was a big factor in their decision making, a lot of them went straight to work after school and so we decided to spread awareness about workplace discrimination so that they understand how some things are not right and that they should stand against it. The skills expressed during this were communication, planning and instinctive decision making.


We all had to work in a team and handle 80-90 kids and from my previous experiences

It was evident that all the different responsibilities had to be divided. So, some of us had to plan the different activities we could do with the kids whilst others, including myself, had to work upon the content that we were going to share. Gender discrimination bring a sensitive topic had to be discussed in an honest and open environment, and I order to to so we did some ice-breaking activites to engage students and create a sense of comfort


For this project I worked in a team and it is usually not a challenge for me because I can easily understand different perspectives and cooperate. I believe that for a task like such, where we have to handle 80-90 kids it is essential that we work in a team because single handed achievement might have been difficult. Teamwork helped us re revise our plan make constructive changes and plan appropriate topic related games.


The issue of global significance that we focused on was gender discrimination. I understand that this is a global issue because globally men are paid more then women for the same task and in the most educated country we see these differences. Becoming aware about this issue was a gradual yet shocking experience since I hadn’t seen much discrimination around me. Understanding that this issue has rooted since past couple of centuries, it will be challenging to eradicate it but small steps like informing and raising awareness amongst the youth of the country can bring  significant changes and a sense of hope for the genders discriminated against.


Honesty, Openness and respect were some ethics to be considered. Talking to these kids who lived in a village and subjects like gender discrimination were a taboo we had to consider their point of view and first and foremost respect them because none of this is their fault and in no means make them feel less significant. We had to be open and accepting to their views otherwise they would resent from sharing anything. While we state our facts, we needed to ensure that none of the information was undermined or over exaggerated because we were their only source of information and we wouldn’t want to give out wrong information and create wrong stigmas.This issues indirectly affected our planning and execution

In all this experience helped me develop empathy and respect towards them. Truly experiencing the changes in the beliefs of people is empowering and inspired me to keep working to try to help and creating more positive changes in the society.

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