Farewell 2020

This activity consist of deciding what kind of music to be played at the Farewell and also singing it. Farewell in organised by the IBDP year 1 kids for IBDP year 2 kids, for whom this would be their last year of school, so in the celebration of their graduation the farewell is organised.


Due to lack of confidence my singing skills it was difficult for me to song in front of 120 people and be proud of it. I have always doubted my singing skills and so to sing in front of a large crowd was a challenge. However, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and gave my best effort and the compliments of others really boosted my confidence


We had to divide songs and verses amongst other fellow singers and ensure that it suits them. We  also had to practice together while singing songs because 2 song was sung by 2 people and the verses were divided but the choruses were together, so we had to ensure our voices matched and had to really focus on timing, which took a lot of practice of perfect, but in the end it sound well.

What I learnt from this experience is to never doubt myself and keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone to bigger and better things

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