Football in PS Classes

LO1- Identify own strengths and develop areas of growth

I am playing as a goalkeeper in football from the beginning. As I face difficulty in covering the whole goal it is a skill I have been working on which is really hard to master. I am also working on my reflexes and I think that I have already mastered that skill. I really lack on my physical strength, over the years it has improved but more work is needed.

LO2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

The most important skill in every sport is maintaining physical fitness which I lack also the PS classes are very exhausting, I feel very tired and sleepy in the classes after. But as the days passed I adapted this schedule and now I no longer feel tired after the PS class.

LO4- Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

As I want to improve my physical strength, I was very dedicated to each and every PS class and hardly I have missed any sessions. It was relatively easy for me to balance sports with studies as I used my free slots for my pending work so that I can play peacefully in my PS classes. Also, we just had 2 PS sessions in a week so bunking it will not be a feasible option.

LO5- Demonstrate the skills and benefits of working collaboratively

Football is a sport which requires teamwork. Because of the PS classes, I got to know more about the game of my classmates and we also played many matches this helped me to understand my friends better, I use to guide my classmates when they weren’t performing up to the mark. This improved our coordination and also helped us in building a team.

To conclude, I have applied some Leaner profile, balance as I gave importance to both studies and sports equally, Communicator as I use to guide my team during the match.

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