Experience: Yoga

Strand: Activity

Practising yoga was something that I was quite aware of but did not ever implement it very effectively. I did yoga classes for 3 months where I learnt different asanas from basic to advanced level. Doing yoga really helped increase my patience level, flexibility, and stamina and I feel proud undertaking this decision.



I did yoga practise almost every morning for 30-40 minutes and then meditation for some time. I felt very fresh and active and did not procrastinate for any of my work. I think that I was committed to this activity from the very beginning and it made me more eager to learn more. However, I struggled to practice full split as it was out of my comfort zone, but my teacher helped me do it on a regular basis. I made a routine which helped me develop in areas where I was weak. 



One thing that I found very challenging was doing yoga on a daily routine. I also found it difficult to practice the basic asanas which required flexibility. It took me a while to fit in and compete with other students in the class. However, after practising it regularly I became really good at this. I got a chance to prove myself and develop my skills and overcome the fear of stretching out of my comfort zone. 



Commitment was key to my success. It was extremely important that I stay committed to doing yoga because a gap would mean that I go back to where I initially was. It made me feel worthy of myself and I had a sense of achievement. However, there were instances when I couldn’t be regular due to school assignments and tests but I overcame this situation by willingly practising yoga at home when I couldn’t visit my classes and it made me feel really productive. 



At my classes, there were team-building activities and partner yoga sometimes. I usually find it easy to work with others if I know them a little. When doing partner yoga we had to trust the opponent to make us do the stretches and it was important that we don’t make them do it in a wrong way so that chances of injury are eliminated. Collaborating with others at yoga class gave me the opportunity to open up to strangers and build healthy relationships. I felt really good by making new friends and understanding the importance of working synergistically.


To conclude, enrolling myself in yoga was one of the best decisions I made. I felt so proud of the person I became with practising it. Yoga is one of my best interests that I have explored by staying committed to it and showing gratitude.



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