Monsoon Musings

Monsoon Musings was a literary event wherein teachers, students and parents came together to express themselves through poetry, stories, and more. There was a Seva Cafe too, where the food was sold for free and the participants could give any amount they wanted. This was done to raise funds and was later donated to the NGO ‘Friends with Tails’ and ‘The missing girls’ project. I was a project aid and helped with the decorations before the event and helped serve and make sure everything was in place on the day of the event.

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills

  • The decorations were to be made before the event and the process was rather difficult. It was important to communicate with all the project aids as to what all is being done and how they can be of help. There was chaos on the day of the event as certain things weren’t falling into place and we had to make some changes, but with the help of everybody we got the tasks done on time.

LO4: Commitment to and perseverance

  • I used to come early whenever I was called and in town to make decorations and complete everything else beforehand. Also I wanted to help even if it wasn’t my task to do as I helped out with the seva cafe too.

LO5: Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively

  • Working collaboratively proved beneficial a lot of times. We could divide a lot of work and complete it at the earliest. When we have different people working together, we could gather a lot of different ideas for the decorations which was great. When some people were done with their work, they also helped out the others who were struggling.

LO6: Engagement with issues of global significance

  • The money collected through the Seva Cafe was donated to the ‘Missing Girls’ project and the NGO ‘Friends with Tails’.

Through this process, I learnt what it takes to organize an event and that it’s not a one day job. The learner profiles I catered were communicator and thinker. Communication is important when there is chaos and when it comes to resolving problems.

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