Educational trip

For our trip we went to mount abu, a hill station where we stayed for a week participating in outdoor activities such as rock climbing, trekking, caving and much more. We also stayed in tents and brought no electronics such as mobile phones in order to connect with nature. This trip allowed us to get out of our comfort zone and experience what it’s like to be in nature and also allowed us to have a very memorable trip.


Lo 2:- The most challenging part of the trip was adapting to our new daily routines. Everyday we had very long treks of upto 6 hours and even those treks were uphill and downhill in nature making it even more difficult to complete them. I had difficulty doing these treks as I had low stamina. I had to drink a lot of water and have food which provided me with a lot of energy. By undertaking this challenge I felt strong and gained confidence that I could overcome more challenges if I tried. I also learned how to climb uphill more efficiently which is a valuable skill that i will be able to use further in life.


Lo 4:-  During our treks as we were in a group there wasn’t an option of backing out so i had to push my limits even if i felt like I couldn’t complete the trek or walk more. This trip had a lot of challenges but I didn’t miss out on a single trek or activity and completed them all.


Lo 5:- When we went caving we needed to have good communication with the people in front and behind us. This was because inside the cave we had no visibility and had to take guidance from the person in front of us and guide the person behind us. It was tough as there was a lot of noise due to the amount of people and the different paces we walked and we had trouble communicating because of that. However we still gave it our best and were able to get through the cave.


Lo 6:- The global issue I came across is environmental degradation, as we were living in nature we had to make sure not to litter and use less plastic. We also saw an area filled with garbage just next to our campsite and saw the effects it had on the environment and so we had to make sure not to contribute to that. We also saw 2 dams and how they were built to not disrupt nature and still create energy.  I understood the consequences of our impact of the ecosystem because of this


The learner profile characteristics I achieved are risk-takers, caring, principled, thinker and reflective. I learnt a lot from this trip and the skills and experiences i got from it will help me in the future.



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