As a grade we had to organise a farewell for our seniors, in this i decided to do dance. This dance was part of a wide variety of skits, games and performances we created for our seniors.

I covered strands lo:-1,2,4,5


Lo 1:- I have been practicing dance in school so i thought i would use my skills in a performance. However in comparison to the others my skills were not adequate and I was not able to keep up with them and had to be taught slower. So i was able to understand that my pace of learning dance was slower than others.


Lo 2:- As my pace was slower than the others and was not able to keep up with the speed at which we were being taught, i had to practice at home from recordings of the dance so i wouldn’t be left behind. I also had to perform 3 different dances so learning all of them posed a challenge for me, however by practicing a lot I was able to do it.


Lo 4:- For dance practice, I had to come early to school an hour earlier than regular timing over the period of a month. This was a challenge for me as at times I felt very lazy and thought of skipping practice but I didn’t and showed up for all practice sessions, this showed perseverance.


Lo 5:- As sometimes even when practicing from recordings at home i faced many difficulties in some stepss. For this a few of my team and I met outside of school and they helped me practice the steps which I was then able to learn. This made me realise the benefits of working in a team as I could help them and they could help me whenever we encountered a problem.

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