Dumas Cleaning

This CAS reflection includes the “Service” strand. On 26th October 2019, my friends and I went to clean Surat’s local beach: Dumas. We cleaned the beach from 8am to 10am. We had collaborated with Nature Club Surat for obtaining this opportunity and there were kids from other schools as well. We collected around 15 to 20 sacks of litter in total. 


LO2- It was challenging for us to collect litter from between the rocks. We had started cleaning individually but later paired up within us so that one person can hold the sack and others can go and take the litter out. Moving with the sack and collecting the litter single-handedly made us spill the litter at some times, pairing up also helped us overcome this. 


LO5- We had to work collaboratively in order to increase efficiency and reach out to areas of litter where a single person cannot clean. 


LO6- Pollution and especially low-grade plastic is a major factor in decreasing the beauty of our nature as well as increasing global warming. We wanted to provide a small contribution into fighting the issue and we did that by collectively cleaning one full side of the beach. 


LO7- Permission had been taken prior to cleaning the beach by Nature Club Surat. Permission for disposing the litter collected had also been taken to ensure that the waste collected is properly disposed and doesn’t pollute any other area.

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