Global Odyssey was a business-related event where we set up a small flea market in the school competing with the global brands and portraying globalization. It had 3 sectors; food, fun, fashion. I was made the food team leader for this event. The profit money collected would then be donated to an NGO.

LO1: This event wasn’t an easy job because of this had a lot of mentally straining work since several things had to be done. However, this pressure of a lot of work, got me to polish my skills. I came to an understanding that I could also be a good leader and that I have the skill to delegate work and deal with people. However, I realized that I should be working on my planning skills a little more while working with a big group of about 20 people. It also made me realize the importance of time and the results of procrastination. Thus, I felt this led to a lot of personal growth and improvement.

LO2: Since we had to plan food for an entire event, we had a lot of work and pressure with us. We had never done anything of that sort, thus firstly, deciding the menu to compete with other brands along with abiding by the school food policy was challenging, then a delegation of work amongst 20 people and asking them to cook things in bulk. Even when we outsourced products, we made sure to keep our costing low for competitive pricing. All this resulted in becoming a challenge for us. And there were aspects where we could do better but it was a learning for the next time.

LO5: This was probably the largest group I’ve ever led. Moreover, all of us were divided randomly into groups, so we didn’t know a lot of people very well. Thus delegation of work became difficult and there were conflicts and obstacles that were a hassle but it taught me how to handle so many people together and how more efficient delegation should be done.

LO7: Lastly this was one of the most important learning outcomes because when it comes to business, ethics is one important factor. While selling of products, we needed to be ethical in terms of monetary values towards customers and our colleagues as well. We needed to maintain good hygiene while serving. Moreover, after we planned to not use plastic to pollute, we also looked at alternatives for the same that will be a sustainable option. This lesson taught how different ethics should be applied to different places and why is it necessary.

Concluding, this entire experience was very important since it got all my book knowledge to real life and gave practical lessons in a holistic aspect. This made me identify and develop skills within myself and was a very fruitful experience.

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