Online course: Social Media Analytics

I completed an online course with University of Emory (USA) on Coursera, which is a huge platform for online courses. The duration of this course was four weeks. It  examined how social media analytics tools can be used and applied to a business. As a part of this course, I watched videos and completed quizzes and peer graded assignments.  


This course was based on two of my favourite topics which I consider as my strengths, Business Management and Social Media. This is the reason I selected this course. Through this course, I learnt new social media analytics tools such as Crimson Hexagon and how they can be helpful for a business (Inquirer). Before enrolling I was not aware of Crimson Hexagon and how it was used by big companies such as Starbucks. My weakness was not having a proper schedule. I used to miss my deadlines of peer graded assignments and also delayed the work a lot. As a result I had to reschedule the assignments. Next time, I will ensure I have a proper schedule which I follow. 


Since it was my first online course with a top university in the world, I found the peer graded assignments and quizzes  very challenging. They required a lot of research and watching the videos multiple times. Moreover, some of the topics were new for me but not explained in depth which was very stressful. It was difficult for me to understand everything at once. So I decided to research those topics before watching the videos to have a better understanding. 


This course had an honour code which needed to be followed as it ensured academic honesty. I could not participate in any unethical activities such as plagiarism. All of my assignments had to be original. This was an amazing step as this policy is based on principle of good faith, honour and integrity. 

In all, I think this was a really positive experience for me in terms of development of new skills, and ethical implications of our actions.


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