Website Development Camp_Nishil (CAS Project)

We had a passion for web development, as we are intrigued by its working and power. We selected as our CAS Project so we could share this with other students who have similar interests. So Web development camp organized by Piyush and me was for people starting new in website development or just wanted to learn to trending information technology skills safely and in an effective manner. Bootcamp was for around 3 months durations where multiple sessions were helped by me and Piyush both. Interested students were called early in for each 45 min session. There were 20 participants each student was between grade 9 to grade 11.

LO1 ( Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth )

Teaching was the most granted thing I had taken before this project after this project I came to know that teaching wasn’t at all simple because teaching is not the only aspect which needs to be considered but multiple things such as class management, checking each student work, Class presentation, is everyone on the same page and many other things. Unfortunately, I wasn’t good at teaching for the first 2 sessions but rather I got involved in making the central presentation and helping solve doubts or some student is not able to understand the challenge given to them, I help him/her to make understand personally. This is where I found my strength and weakness both


LO2 ( Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process ) 

The most challenging part of the project was to keep students motivated and not lose interest because it was very quickly students tend to lose interest and start not to participate in the class and won’t complete assigned tasks. Overcoming this challenge was a very difficult job and it took us some time to understand and overcome it. In order to keep it interesting, we started giving challenges regularly which kept them awake and energetic to solve, we also implemented the timed code challenges  after each session start and end to see who wrote the code faster and efficient this made it in


LO3 ( Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience ) 

The organization was a very boring and tiresome work especially for 20 students we had to manage multiple sheets, classroom and presentation. we had a central presentation which was updated consistently. I am not the most organized person but I knew for this project I had to be organized to get the work done. Preparation before the class was also important as a decision on what syllabus or outline for each session. This experience will make planning and initiating very simple because I will know what to do beforehand which will make this faster and easier.


LO4 ( Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences ) 

The time duration was the biggest commitment I had to make in the project because a time duration of 3 months especially early in which made it very difficult for me to wake up early 6 am 3 days a week. Committing things were difficult but at the end of the day, I felt good because I was able to help people in learning to code, which may help in their future.


LO5 ( Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively ) 

Working with others is generally harder for me because I tend to have different opinions which makes it difficult for me to work with others, but with this particular project especially with Piyush, it was easy because we managed and divided the work equally. It was important to work collaboratively because it will make the work easier and faster, so in this project, teaching was Piyush’s job while making the presentation and student doubt resoling was mine. Rather leadership of one person it was rather a partnership/teamwork which led to the completion f the project


LO6 ( Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance ) 

One of the goals of our activity was not only learning the skills but also safe use of the internet and technology especially after the spike in cybercrimes in recent years. Which made us responsible to teach and make younger kids aware of hazards of the internet and in between each session there were where we explained terms such as VPN and Proxy which enabled them to be more secure.


LO7 ( Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions )

Ethical issues I faces were that due to the high number of students in the classroom it was hard for me to attend to everyone and solve their doubts, and also each of them had the different calibre so because of that it was important for me to be fair to each of them and give equal time to everyone. Another issue faced was being open-minded, won’t abuse the position as a teacher.


Several learner profile characteristics I developed during the activity include responsibility, caring, open-minded and courageous. IBDP Subjects such as CS and ITGS was highly connected to this activity. After the completion of the activity their sense of accomplishment because I never thought I would have taught 20 students and make them learn intriguing skills which will help incredibly in the future.



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