Global Odyssey_ Nishil

Event showcase business skills in school, where different food, fun and fashion stalls will be put up to sell things and learn real-world business skills, where particularly I was involved in advertising, marketing and finance. This fair aimed to raise funds for the NGO, able to contribute to society.


Finance was not one of the jobs I was given before, because of some technical issue, I was appointed in finance and I was responsible for the collection of money, it seemed simple but there were many factors involved such as change had to be given, I had to inform students and teachers about change in the price and even safekeeping of the money. I faced many issues while dealing with these factors which made very difficult for me, these made me realize that finance and accounting were not one of strength. But on the other aspect, in advertising and marketing, I was aware of the strength and I made a poster for advertisement, which was fairly successful in reaching people.


In Finance, my partner Piyush was also very important, he helped me with tallying of sales, because of the crowd and high demand on my stall, it made it very chaotic for me to manage all the things together, this is where Piyush was very helpful. For this particular activity, it was very easy to work with others because we efficiently communicating with each other about how much? how many ? whom to give and faced minimal issues.


When an individual wasn’t able to feed and cloth to the family, this is where poverty plays a significant role not only in respect to one’s country but impacts on a global level. So in order to contribute or help low-income families and individuals, we raised funds with organizing this event. We were successfully able to generate the amount of (Rs 3430) via Global Odyssey 2.0 which was donated to the non-Government Organisation ( NGO ) – Friends with tails.


Ethical issues I was involved in advertising because I made many posters and used images for the internet which were my proprietary, so I had to make sure I correctly give them credit such as poster creating platform ‘canva’.  In finance I faced a lot of ethical issues because I had to make sure I was giving the right amount of change to the people, make sure the cash wasn’t damaged, I had to make sure no one was stealing money from the box and also for example taking food for free. These issues made me very conscious during the event, had to make sure what is right is right and remain on the course.

From this event, there were many takeaways such as I was able to identify my strengths and weakness, able to work with different people and connect with them, and recognizing and able to take actions in business ethically while contributing to society .


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