Mount Abu

This year, we went to Mount Abu for our school trip, where we did adventurous activities such as trekking, rock climbing, hiking, rappelling, and valley crossing. This trip helped me find my strengths and helped me work on my weaknesses, and it also gave me an opportunity to interact with my grade mates and gave me a chance to get closer to my friends.

LO1- On our trip, we did many adventurous activities and they made me realize a lot of my strengths and weaknesses. Earlier I thought that I wouldn’t be able to complete the hikes and would lag behind but this trip helped me realize that I was really good at hiking and trekking since I was one of the four students who were always first in the line for all the treks and hikes. This trip helped me overcome my fear of heights since we had to climb rocky mountains till the very top and I felt really proud of myself after each trek we did. Another thing this trip made me realize was that I underestimate myself for a lot of things and that I shouldn’t since it could impact my actions.

LO2- One of the challenges I faced was adjusting to the weather and the accommodation. We were supposed to stay in tents and the temperature dropped to single digits during the night time, hence it got difficult for me to sleep since there were no heaters in the tents. Despite these issues, it taught me to adjust to different surroundings and it made the trip more fun and memorable. Another challenge was the trekkings, each trek was 5-6 hours long and I got really exhausted by the end of the trip but it was really fun since I had my friends with me all the time and it helped me develop my fitness a little more.

LO4- Every day we had to wake up very early and we had to go on all the treks every day since we had no other choice despite the weather being very cold. However, even though I didn’t want to wake up that early along with my friends, we still had to. Now that I look back on those days, I am happy that I experienced everything we did on the trip without missing out on anything. 

LO5- This trip made us realize that working together as a team really helps make things easier. Throughout the trip, we were asked to follow the guide, and without them, we wouldn’t have been able to complete even one hike. During the hikes, we had to rely on the person in front of us and follow where they were going and during our team games we played on the trip, we had to work as a team in order to win the game. 

To conclude, this trip was a great experience for me and the memories I made with my friends and the activities I had are unforgettable. The learner profile characteristics achieved are risk-taker while going on hikes and treks and communicator, since we had to talk to the person in front of us if it’s safe or not and inform the person behind us.   

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