Graphics Head of FSMUN 2019

I have always been interested in designing projects online. So, when I got to know about FSMUN, I immediately volunteered for making their graphics. It was an enriching experience for me. Graphics were a very crucial part of this conference because things like posters and logos give the first impression and they had to be imposing. Even though it took a lot of time, effort, and redesigning, the outcome was perfect. We began in July and finished all tasks in August.

LO 1 : Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

  • We had a lot of graphics that needed to be made like placards, posters, I-cards, certificates, stickers, logo, etc. We had to make a lot of these from scratch, without references. At first, I was worried that if we have no example then will the outcome satisfy the leaders? Nevertheless, after some brainstorming and discussions, we eventually found the solution. There were some arguments about the posters not being formal and the colours indicating something child-ish, so we had to change the style and stick to one font. On the other hand, some of the graphics just required minor modifications on the graphics of the previous conference (like logo and certificates), where we just had to simply change the year and certain names. I was assigned this at first but even after trying out different editors, I failed to perfectly change them. So, I had to give this task to another one of my friend who knew how to operate photoshop which made the task easy.

LO 5 : Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

  • Generally, I don’t have many problems while working in teams and in this case as well, I got along pretty well. Having a team of 4 people was really beneficial. We distributed the work between us and then after completing the tasks, we shared feedback for further improvement. For example, when I made the template for the I-cards and shared it with my fellow team members, they pointed out several mistakes like color and font. Furthermore, there were certain things that I couldn’t do, like making the logo, so the other team members were allocated this task.

Personally, this CAS experience helped me enhance my thinking and reflection skills. I was forced to think about different styles to make attractive posters for sharing with people as we had to make about 20 different posters. It was a difficult task to find out different themes and formats for each poster, so a lot of thinking and exploring needed to be done. Additionally, after sharing our final files, we reflected and evaluated each and every one of our mistakes and worked upon it to make the result better. In fact, while making these graphics, I discovered that these skills will be helpful for me in my Computer Science IA where I will have to make websites for my client, which will include a lot of graphics for each of the pages.

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