FS Cup

I participated in the Fountainhead School Cup 2020 in the under-17 football boys category. We were the reigning champions, hence there was a little pressure to defend the title. This year the competition was tougher and my teammates and I had to give it all that we have got to win the tournament.

LO1- Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth                            I was great with individual skills, but I found it hard to have good chemistry with my teammates. However, as the matches progressed, it was easier for me to anticipate what my teammates are planning to do in the game.

LO4 – Commitment to and perseverance                                                        We had to come to school early in the morning for some practice sessions to get ready for the tournament. I attended all of the sessions even if it meant that I had to compromise on my resting time a little.

LO5 – Demonstrate the skills and benefits of working collaboratively        In our first match, we weren’t able to co-operate with each other and we found it really tough to win the match. But, in the later matches, we found our rhythm and played as a team which led us to win the tournament.

At the end of the tournament, I was able to improve on my commitment skills and was also able to work in a team better.

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