ACUN  was Model United Nation conference held on 5th of January 2020. I participated as a co-chairperson of the UNEP(United Nation Environment Programme) committee. The agenda of my committee was Addressing the causes and consequences of the Amazonian forest fire ( The preservation and restoration of forest fire).


LO1(Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth) It was the first time ever I was co-chairing a committee, before this I participated as a delegate. I found out my strength was that I was able to conduct the committee smoothly and I could manage a committee with the help of the chairperson. The areas where it lacked showing commitment towards my position, because I could not visit the event the second day due to personal reasons. Secondly I got irritated very quickly, I hope to resolve this issue by taking part in such MUNs.


LO2(Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills) As mentioned above it was my first time co-charing in UNEP. The committee was new for me so I did extensive research about the forest fires so I could judge and analyse properly during the committee sesion. 


LO5 (Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively) During the conference I worked with my Chairperson who himself is a student in Fountainhead grade 11 which made it easy to work with as he was a good friend. Hence we tried our best to make a great experience for delegates as 98% of them were first timers.


LO6(L6. Engagement with issues of global significance) The agenda of the committee was itself about Forest fires. Since the beginning of 2020 there have been 2 major wildfires one in australia and other in amazon rainforest. Hence the topic itself discussed about the betterment of the global problems.


LO7(Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions) In the committee I wasn’t the only first timer, 98% of the delegates were first timers. Me and the chair had to make sure that they have proper knowledge about the MUNING rules so they do not face any trouble in the future plus they enjoy their first experience of MUN.






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