Farewell Decoration

I am good with creativity and I can think of some good ideas that could be executed for events, hence I chose to be in the decoration team for the farewell of the batch of 2020. I contributed to the event and cooperated with my decoration team. The event turned out to be a success and was executed greatly.


Coming early-in every day for 2 weeks was very difficult as we needed to give that time for farewell only, it was tiring. The commitment to come every day early to the school was required. It is usually easy for me to show commitment but this activity was difficult for me. Perseverance and commitment are required to get things done on time and at a perfect pace.


Working with others has always been easy for me because I always integrate my ideas with my other’s ideas and it was easy to do so in this activity too. It is important to work as a team to avoid disputes and other disagreements. Teamwork helped us in doing our work faster and right before time.

LO7: Ethics is the most important aspect to cater to when organizing big events and using resources that are common for everyone. The resources provided to us were given by the school and had everyone’s contribution so we had to make sure to use it appropriately and wisely. We were preparing for the decorations in the school property, which meant that we had to keep extra measures and clean everything in the end as it was our responsibility and because school staff trusted us with the safety of the school premises.

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