Community Service

Community service was an event where I got the opportunity to teach the government school students as well as learn new things on my own. So I got to learn many dishes that I might not have gotten an opportunity to. At first, I did community service for just the sake of CAS but then I started enjoying it. It felt good to make someone happy and teach them something.

LO4: When I got to know that we had to spend our weekends for this task, I was a little reluctant at the start but then it turned out to be worth it. The commitment to spend weekends for the task was required as weekends are the days with a lot of plans. Showing perseverance was easy for me because I love to help people and make them happy. It’s important to take responsibilities.

LO5: Working with others is easy for me as I can mould myself according to other’s attitude. We did have collaboration during this activity and synergized well. It’s important to work collaboratively to avoid any disputes and for this activity, collaboration helped us a lot. We divided ourselves into three different batches of kids to divide our works too.

LO6: The issue was zero hunger and good health and well being. Many people die every year due to starvation and lack of survival skills. Knowing about the issues make me knowledgeable and more aware of the issues that are going around me. I feel great to be aware of such issues and contributing to them

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