Dance classes

I joined dance classes to learn different dance forms instead of sticking to one that I already know. Not only did I learn new dance forms, but I also learned some warm-ups that are to be done before the dance and I also increased my stamina. I continued the dance class for 2 months until I finally gained some knowledge about different dance forms.


During the dance classes, I did identify my strengths and weaknesses. It made me feel reflective as I was reflecting upon my performance. It is important for us to know our weaknesses so that we could overcome our weaknesses and use our strength at the right time. Yes, I did overcome my weaknesses as much as I could.


The most challenging thing for me was grasping all the steps quickly, I always needed more time to grasp everything properly. It was challenging for me because I am a slow pacer. I overcame this challenge by time as my pace of grasping new things increased. I felt nice to overcome this challenge, it is very important for me to overcome new challenges because I want to do everything with perfection.                                                   

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