SMC school session

We as a group went to SMC school to conduct a session on gender equality. We also planned many activities beforehand to make the session interesting and fruitful at the same time. The planning started a month and a half before the session. The kids spoke Gujarati and two of our group members didn’t know the language, which made the communication a little hard but we managed to convey our point to them.


As a team, we communicated and discussed amongst us and took decisions. I am usually good at organizing activities. According to me, initiating was the most difficult part because, during planning, we had tons of ideas to present to the students. When we were conducting the session, we were expecting some interaction between us and them but they weren’t opening up as we were new to them. We also had some communication problems due to language.


With all our submissions and other study work, we needed to focus on this CAS experience too, which was difficult for us but we wisely took out some time and balanced everything. The commitment to stay updated with all the details and make the session interactive was required for the activity. It is easy for me to commit to things as I always manage to balance myself and give equal importance to everything and it is important to make the CAS experience a success.


Working with others has always been easy for me and so was the case with this CAS experience as everyone in my group was understanding and collaborating equally. It is very important to work cooperatively in a group to avoid disputes and team’s integrity. We as a group collaborated very well which led to a successfully planned session.


Our focus was on “gender equality”. It is important for everyone to be aware of this issue as it is a basic human right that people have and this issue takes place globally. The more I know about global issues, the more I am aware of my surroundings and gain some knowledge on it. I knew this issue for a long time but I wanted others to know about it too. I feel good about myself to share it with the students who were unaware of it.

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